Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Your Challenge

As you all know, we have definitely been experiencing winter here in Kansas.

During one of the recent cold days, I was sorting through boxes in my basement (a keep or toss exercise, are you familiar? And by the way, does that ever really end?). I came across something that I picked up probably around 1990 or 1991.

Obviously, the message has stuck with me because this particular piece of paper has made it through several moves.

One of the things that we do well at the Hansa Center for Optimum Health, at least in my opinion, is extend compassion.

People arrive at our doors with a myriad of health challenges, often having been to several different doctors already. I feel that one of the pillars of our success is our clinic’s dedication to supporting and guiding you, starting with where you are and leading you toward restored health.

Very often, helping people remember their common bond of humanness, both with themselves and with others, can be a critical factor toward ultimate healing.

I decided to let this be my post as I feel it speaks to us all, quite appropriately.

And while this message applies year round, perhaps we can all let it sink in during this season and start to live it more fully each day.

My simple wish for each of you is peace.

The following is excerpted from A Matter of Choice by Brown, Paulson, and Wolf.

Your Challenge

If you remember your common bond of humanness, you will be less tempted to criticize, hurt, ridicule, ignore, or judge others.

You will live with more compassion for others’ lives.

You never know when their dramas will become yours.

You never know when you will experience the pain that they are experiencing.

The experience of others’ humanness affects you in many unseen ways.

As one human being is in pain, so you are being influenced, and the overall condition of the planet is being created.

You have already seen, in large and small ways, the effects of negativity.

Look now for the effect you wish to make on the human condition.

The world is now accessible as a global village, and you will want to learn ways to live close and more peacefully with others.

Lighten up about them, and you will have more compassion for your own life as well. You can be glad to be alive, and to be sharing the human experience with others.

The stakes are too high not to embrace the whole of humanity.

Human beings are caretakers of life as it exists on this planet, and each choice you make brings with it the energy of contribution or destruction.

When you realize that you, as an individual, affect the quality and the continuance of life, you will want to be deliberate.

You will want to make a difference wherever you can, in large and in small ways.

Someone has to start.

Let it be you.