Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Accidents

Synchronicity, coincidence, destiny, the cosmic 2x4… it what you will, I have always made an effort to pay attention to those moments when information comes together in just the right way to point you toward your next step. I do believe and know that if we can just pay attention, we will always be led to our next opportunity for growth, be it spiritual, emotional, physical, etc. Trust it, move toward it, learn and grow from it. I enjoy the term ‘happy accidents’ (it makes me smile…always a good thing!) and it very appropriately describes my path to joining The Hansa Center for Optimum Health.

I relocated to central Kansas over the course of this past year. As I was moving and getting settled, I had the chance to contemplate not only where I would like to practice, but also what kind of practice I would ideally build as a result. During this process, the fact that Dr. Jernigan was looking to expand his staff with a few more doctors came across my radar. So, I looked into the Hansa Center, its staff, therapies, clinical approach, etc. To say that they’re focus of care resonated with me is a huge understatement. I have always been especially fascinated with the quantum nature of our biology, and most importantly the implications of various modalities that work to cooperate with our quantum selves in reaching collective health and healing. Dr. Jernigan and Dr. Joseph have developed an approach to care that combines many of the methods I have utilized myself in private practice. More importantly, they have built upon the wisdom of leading healthcare practitioners around the world, and created a uniquely coherent and effective approach of their own. It was really a bit of a no-brainer to conclude that I would love to contribute to what The Hansa Center for Optimum Health is creating – a truly unique place of healing and health restoration.

As a native Kansan, I can appreciate that our state is known as the ‘heartland.’ The Hansa Center reflects this moniker in its daily practices. You will find a place of healing that literally envelopes you as you walk through the front door, as well as a staff that holds you in their heart as you progress through care. I’m blessed to be joining such a thoughtful, intentional and compassionate group of people.